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 Toronto Webcasting

Great for events targeted at a specific set of virtual viewers where registration, slide sync or lead capture is important. Our custom built webcasting platform gives you industry leading tools to deliver reliable video presentations to any audience size. 

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Covering Events

Lead Generation
Corporate Communication Events
Town Halls & All Hands Meetings
Educational Events
Government Events
Internal Product Launches

Toronto Live Streaming

When your objective is to broadcast your event to as many public viewers as possible, live streaming is the service you're looking for. Includes social integration, and mobile streaming capability for maximum reach and exposure. 

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Covering Events

Product Launches
Concerts & Festival
School Convocations
Outreach Campaigns
TV Second Screen
Award Shows

 Toronto Webinars

Webinars make it easy to present your ideas to an online audience with slides and audio. Eventstream helps you setup your webinar with the leading platforms, moderate your webinar, and present you with a detailed analytics report. We handle all the technical details so you can focus on your presentation.

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Covering Events

Thought Leadership
Lead Generation
Product Demonstrations
Employee Training

Toronto Event Videography

We don't only webcast events, we record them too. Document everything that you've worked so hard to create and use it in the future for promotional highlights, re-broadcast, or direct sales. Our event videography services can also include post production for creating highlight reels, DVD’s, and Youtube promotional campaigns.

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Covering Events

Concerts & Festival
Corporate Communication Events
Sports and Award Shows
Educational Events
Government Events
Promotional Events and Product Releases

Helping our clients communicate over the web
across hundreds of live events

Toronto webcasting clients

Where quality, service and reliability form the core of our business

Over the past few years, virtualizing an event has made it possible to reach audiences around the world at a fraction of the cost of having them attend in person. In addition to the cost and time savings, virtual events open up your messaging to new audiences, and maintain the added benefit of providing you with a recorded copy of your event for future use.

At Eventstream, we specialize in producing live online events for our clients. Whether you're looking to conduct a lead generation webinar, create a corporate earnings webcast for investors, or to stream a concert for fans in Japan, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your webcast is a resounding success.

“Working with Eventstream was an absolute pleasure. Michael and his team delivered an incredible viewing experience from the quality of the stream to the live direction. We’re excited to continue using Eventstream as a partner in the future for all of our live projects.”

Michael Joffe - Past Manager of Digital Innovation & Development, Blue Ant Media

Why should you choose us as your Toronto webcasting partner?

Our staff have years of experience in the events industry, IT, streaming and video production and are passionate about ensuring that your virtual event is a success.
We strive to offer your viewers the highest possible streaming quality which is why all of our cameras have 4k sensors. No other webcasting company in Canada will offer you this as their standard service.
In keeping with our mission to provide the best picture and audio quality, we use industry leading multi-bitrate encoding hardware to push your steam to the web.
Redundant recording comes as standard with all our virtual event packages so you’ll get an archived copy of your event in mp4 format which is easy to open in all media players and share online.
As each event is different, we pick the best streaming software and CDN to fill your objectives so you're not locked into a single platform that may not meet your needs.
All our work is done in-house and is not outsourced to other vendors. This allows us to keep our pricing competitive and stand behind our work.
Our system can integrate with your existing on-site A/V, and we commonly work with local A/V companies such as Freeman, Frischkorn, Pandor, and Solotech as well as IATSE union members.
After your event, you’ll get a detailed analytics report containing valuable statistics on how many people attended your event and where they came from. For webcasts with registrations, you’ll get a full breakdown of all your viewers with their email addresses.
We’re obsessed with your satisfaction, and our entire team work to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. This is the reason why our clients use us time and time again.
We’ll never take copyright of your work. 100% the footage we record and stream belongs to you to do whatever you like with.

There's never been a better time
to webcast your event

If you’ve ever contemplated webcasting your event to reach a virtual audience, there has never been a better time than now. With a plethora of webcasting platforms and advances in technology and infrastructure resulting in a reduction in costs, webcasting and live streaming have become an excellent way to share information and entertainment with your audience. Consider a few of the many reasons why webcasting is worth adding to your next event:

  1. With travel costs rising and budgets shrinking, webcasting provides an affordable alternative to having in-person meetings and events, while still sharing information in real-time with your attendees.
  2. Executive and employee time is at a premium, and although we can't argue with the value of face-to-face interaction, it takes a lot of billable hours for people to meet in person. Consider how flights, hotels, food, per diem allowance and other costs add up along with opportunity costs to have an employee leave work to attend a remote meeting or event.
  3. There used to be a big problem with the accessibility of webcasts. You had to have a certain browser, the right plugin, a fast Internet connection, and firewall free connection to the web. Of course, you could completely forget about the idea of viewing the webcast on a mobile device, as only fast computers were capable of streaming flash or Windows media streams. When it would work, the quality would be equivalent to an AM radio station with a grainy picture and poor audio quality.

    Thankfully, those days have passed. Webcasting now works across all browsers, any plugins needed are packaged with the browsers, and the quality is as good as HD television. Webcasts have also become cross platform so you can watch them on the go. 
  4. The concept of webcasting is now commonplace. The average person knows what webcasting is, and a detailed explainer is no longer needed to get buy-in from employees, upper management or the general public. Webcasting now stands on its own and that’s proven as the average corporate employee views at least one webcast, live stream or webinar each week.
  5. Some people may downplay the topic of webcasting, saying that a well-produced video trumps a live webcast every time, because it can be viewed at the leisure of the viewer. While on-demand videos certainly have their place, webcasts have their own unique strengths that videos just can't match:

        i) They're a scheduled event, which means you can track who is attending and confirm they’re actually viewing the content     being presented.

        ii) They're interactive, allowing viewers to ask questions, and take part in polls, which simply isn't possible from an on-     demand video.

        iii) There’s a certain feeling of exclusivity and community that comes from viewing a webcast with your peers. Life is     unfolding in front of your eyes, anything could happen at any time, and you know you're getting the information unfiltered,     free of editing or censorship. There’s an attractiveness about it that viewers of webcasts find very appealing.
  6. Event webcasts become a great piece of content that can be re-purposed over and over again. You can edit them afterwards and extract the most important points to share in videos or collateral, or turn them into a highlight reel of the event. The options are countless, and now that your webcast is recorded, you can replay it for those who couldn't attend at virtually no additional cost. Since your webcast was recorded live you have the added benefit that viewers will forgive a stumbling speaker or a person crossing the camera to find their seat. These kind of ‘mistakes’ are pleasantly tolerated by the viewers during live events, but they won't be so well received for an event that was pre-shot and edited. 
  7. Many times popular events simply sell out a venue. The event producers would love to have more people there, but they can't based on space and fire code restrictions. Webcasting is the easiest way to open the event up to a larger audience. You can still have full control to restrict your event to certain viewers through geoblocking and password/payment protection, but you now have the option to reach an unlimited audience. 
  8. Last but not least, thanks to the latest developments in technology, and the reduction in video bandwidth costs, webcasting has finally become affordable for most event producers. Professional webcasts can now be had for only a few thousand dollars, down from tens of thousands just a few years back. From small to large events, webcasting packages can be expanded upon as the budgets go up to include all the bells and whistles such as PowerPoint slide syncing, animated graphics, background music, jib camera cranes, and even instant reply. Alternatively they can be simplified to a single camera and microphone to capture just the important information while keeping the costs low, but the quality high. Regardless of the size or your event, there’s likely a webcasting package that will fit your budget.

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