Kastio is our new, cutting edge platform that help you attract, identify, and convert unknown webinar visitors in qualified leads. Click below to watch the demo and visit the Kastio website to learn more about how Kastio can help you generate more leads for your business.

Kastio provides you with functionality that other webcast providers can't, including a white labeled interface for your viewers that can be customized to your brand. In addition to adding your branding, you can also publish Kastio directly on your website. That means viewers can watch your webcast on your domain, and not a third party site like other platforms force upon you.

Kastio also allows you to sync slides, integrate viewers questions and polls, and get real-time analytics about your viewers that can easily be shared with your team during and after the webcast.

Additionally, Kastio records your entire webcast, including slide changes, polls, and images, so you can show a replay to viewers who missed it live. With its instant playback functionality, you're replay will be available as soon as you’re live presentation finishes.

One of the most exciting feature of Kastio, includes gathering real-time custom data. Instead of requiring your viewers to enter long registration forms to join your webinar, you can now simply ask for their name and email, and Kastio will automatically give you details of their location, social accounts, and latest tweets. It’s like having a social CRM built right into the software. Once you have your visitors registered, you can output the list for further follow-up and communication.


We’ve created a website for Kastio that goes into depth on how the platform works, or you can contact us for a live demo.